All of our most effective predictor off need to continue childbirth try the newest sex group of youngsters

All of our most effective predictor off need to continue childbirth try the newest sex group of youngsters

Socio-demographic attributes

Brand new indicate age respondents is actually ±seven.56 ages. Widely known no. 1 career from participants try civil service (47.0%) with more than half of (54.7%) of participants are from Yoruba origin. (Desk ? (Table1). Indeed there 1 ). There had been so much more Christians (59.7%) compared to the almost every other religions, Most (81.8%) of the respondents was in fact hitched while you are 130 (thirty five.9%) had complete some form of tertiary degree (Dining table ? (Table1 step 1 )

Dining table step 1:

The newest imply level of college students each respondent had is step three.47 ± 1.43years (Variety dos – 7 college students). More than one one-fourth (26.2%) of your respondents had 5 or higher youngsters if you’re 34.5% of your respondents got only dos pupils. More half of (sixty.2%) had simply feminine students. Next analysis of your own analysis revealed that the respondents with no knowledge had the highest average quantity of college students (5.00 ± 1.40) with individuals who complete top training (cuatro.44 ± step 1.72) (Desk ? (Tabledos). 2 ). On top of that, participants who’d simply males got an average of dos.73 ± step one.twelve college students versus step 3.78 ± step 1.51 youngsters advertised by people who got only females. (Table ? (Table2). 2 ). In terms of ethnicity, the newest Hausas met with the least average number of pupils (step 3.29 ± step 1.21), because the Yorubas had typically 3.51 ± 1.42 (Dining table ? (Table2 2 ).

Dining table 2:

Independent test t-take to indicated that the latest suggest number of children because of the participants and no sort of knowledge was 5.00 ± step 1.39 while you are those people that got finished any type of studies had on average step 3.24 ± step 1.09 youngsters; a mathematically extreme wanting (t=8.51, p

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Table 3:

Two-thirds (66.6%) of the respondents desired to have more children. Further analysis showed that respondents within the 30-39 years age group had the highest proportion (70.5%) of respondents desiring more children while those within 40-49 years age group had the highest proportion (36.9%) of respondents not wishing for more. Even though overall, Yoruba respondents seemed to carry the greatest proportion of participants that desired more children, further analysis revealed that within tribes, Igbos (78.5%) and other minor ethnicities (84.6%) desired more children most followed closely by the Hausas (70.9%) when compared with the Yorubas (59.6%) (p=0.011) (Table ? (Table4). 4 ). A similarly statistically significant relationship was found between the educational status of respondents and their desire to have more children with 79.2% of respondents who finished only secondary school desiring more children (p <0.001)>

Dining table 4:

While only 54.4% of respondents with 2 or less children wanted to continue child bearing, 67.6% and 81.1% of the respondents with 3-4 children and those with 5 or more children respectively wanted to continue childbearing (p <0.001)>

Merely extreme parameters in the bivariate analysis was and additionally used in the model with the logistic regression investigation. Specific details that were tall regarding bivariate data had been no lengthened go with this new logistic regression model. So it incorporated the training reputation additionally the quantity of students. Aside from ethnicity and you can sounding students, any kind of separate parameters were not tall predictors out-of desire for high members of the family products (Table ? (Table5 5 ).

Desk 5:

Guys which have feminine merely pupils was indeed almost three times probably be than just dudes with male only college students to notice much more youngsters (p


The new imply chronilogical age of participants present in this research is comparable to that claimed various other knowledge into the Nigeria. 28,31 This can be most likely therefore since this generation signifies the fresh peak of reproductive affairs among male people. The educational top seen in this study is relatively large having a literacy price out of 87.3%. When compared to most other studies in other regions of the nation, which figure is high. The fresh new 2013 Nigerian Market Health Survey (NDHS) urban centers all of the men literacy quantities of other geo-political areas between 93.9% and 47.9% in just new Southern-South area which have a high men literacy rates versus Southwest. 29 So it aids the concept your Southwestern Nigeria (mostly occupied of the Yorubas) is one of educated part in the united kingdom. Certain past students possess charged this higher literacy rates specifically one of the fresh new metropolitan terrible for the governmental perform at the applying the brand new totally free universal very first studies. 29,29 But not, it isn’t really totally responsible for the large literacy level present in our research because the to 54.0% of one’s participants have completed tertiary training, a tier of training perhaps not supported by new government’s free degree plan. Nonetheless, you will be able the 100 % free universal earliest degree might have served to ascertain the value and you can impetus for continued knowledge to the slum dwellers and exactly why extremely participants regarding the slums attained as much as tertiary degree plus. So it observation is also important in an alternative value. Brand new high proportion of educated participants among the urban poor you’ll mean that the standard of residing in the location provides fallen thus lowest that numerous experienced some body still need to alive less than the latest impoverishment range. This also negates the brand new interested in away from previous knowledge nine,thirty two you to member impoverishment so you’re able to insufficient knowledge. The reason for so it paradox when you look at the conclusions can be connected with new strangely high unemployment rates (56%) in the nation as compared with the other regions 33 , ultimately causing a lot of educated but unemployed citizens which real time beneath the impoverishment range.

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